What is the food like?

 There are five meals included in the $350 price;

 Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch. 

Each meal is served buffet style; serve yourself all you can eat 

& come back for seconds, thirds, fourths -eat up!

Meals are served right in the 40k gaming hall 

so no lines or waiting for crappy fast food. 

You can eat inside or outside on picnic tables. 

BYOB is welcome because we have the 600 acre campus all to ourselves.

If you have food allergies, please notify us 10 days in advance via


Every meal served with vegan/vegetarian options. 

We also recommend reaching out to your friends 

who attended last year by searching the BCP app 

for our event roster. 

Ask them what they thought of the food and facility. 

There will be an extra meal of burgers served Friday for early arrivals.